• Operating Characteristics Of Single Phase Energy Meter

    Inductive meters,single phase energy meter are often used as AC meters in home and industrial installations. These energy meters measure electrical energy in kilowatt hours. These induction motor meters are designed for single-phase circuits. In these electric meters, the brake magnet generates an e... Read more

    13-05-2020 Industry News
  • Electronic Energy Meter : Elaboration Of Related Matters Of Smart Electricity Meter

    The use of smart meters can be a useful tool for saving home energy. The      electronic energy meter    of    Zhejiang Tepsung Electric Meter Co.,Ltd . is a good choice for you. https://www.yhddb.com/product/electronic-kwh-meter/   Basic analog / digital meters Basic electricity meters (think ... Read more

    20-05-2020 Industry News
  • Prepaid Electricity Meter -11 Things About Electricity Meters

    1. What is an electricity meter? An electricity meter is a device that measures the amount of electricity consumed when a family enters the home. Usually, it is installed where the power cord enters the building. Just like the mileage display on your car can show the total distance you have traveled... Read more

    27-05-2020 Industry News
  • Din Rail Meter -About The Installation Of Rail Type Electricity Meter

    In our lives, we can often see the existence of rail-type electric meters, also known as rail-type electric energy meters. This is a professional instrument for calculating electric energy. It plays a very important role in many times, and when using electricity It is necessary to use an electric me... Read more

    03-06-2020 Industry News
  • Single Phase Meter -Electricity Meter Knowledge Quiz

    1.What are the general types of electric energy meters? answer: (1) According to the purpose, it can be divided into installed electric energy meter and electronic standard meter. (2) According to the realization principle, it can be divided into inductive (mechanical) electric energy meter, static ... Read more

    10-06-2020 Industry News