• Prepaid Electricity Meter -Inspection Requirements For Energy Meters

    The actual inspection of the electric energy meter sent by the manufacturer is mainly carried out from the following aspects. Namely: five aspects: mechanical requirements, climatic conditions that can be adapted, electrical requirements, electromagnetic compatibility, and accuracy requirements. &nb... Read more

    17-06-2020 Industry News
  • Three Phase Meter And Single Phase Meter : Difference

    一. Different functions 1. Three-phase watt-hour meter: Three-phase watt-hour meter is a dao watt-hour meter used to measure the power output (or load consumption) of power in a three-phase AC circuit. 2. Single-phase electric energy meter: single-phase electric energy meter, used for active power me... Read more

    24-06-2020 Industry News
  • The Difference Between Single Phase Meter And Dual-Phase Meters

    First. Different characteristics 1. Single-phase electric energy meter: guide rail installation, bottom wiring, perfect coordination with miniature circuit breaker. The intuitive and easy-to-read mechanical dao-style display reduces the risk of data loss due to an unexpected power outage. No externa... Read more

    01-07-2020 Industry News
  • How To Adjust Single Phase Energy Meter

    You must know the adjustment devices of the single-phase watt-hour meter, and understand the adjustment steps and methods. Generally, a single-phase phase watt-hour meter has three kinds of adjustment devices for adjusting the speed of rotation and an anti-submarine device for adjusting the creep or... Read more

    08-07-2020 Industry News
  • Prepaid Electricity Meters Increase Your Profits

    Measuring electricity bills with secondary prepaid electricity meters is a great way for property investors, landlords, and leasing agents to avoid the risk that tenants must pay electricity bills when they do not pay.   However, live feedback showed that prepaid electricity meters have other b... Read more

    15-07-2020 Industry News