• 8 Advantages Of Electronic Energy Meter

    The electronic energy meter uses a dedicated watt-hour meter integrated circuit through real-time sampling of the user’s power supply voltage and current, and processes the sampled voltage and current signals and multiplies them into a pulse output that is proportional to the electrical energy. The ... Read more

    22-07-2020 Industry News
  • Three Phase Meter Introduction

    A three phase meter is an watt-hour meter used to measure the power output (or load consumption) of the power supply in a three-phase AC circuit. Its working principle is exactly the same as that of a single-phase watt-hour meter, except that it adopts multiple sets of drive components and multiple ... Read more

    29-07-2020 Industry News
  • Prepaid Electricity Meter -Implementation Of Prepaid Metering System

    Simple prepaid metering means paying for electricity, gas or water before use. Consumers purchase a letter of credit and then use resources until the letter of credit expires. The concept of prepaid metering is nothing new. It was first introduced in the form of coin-operated gas meters before World... Read more

    05-08-2020 Industry News
  • How Does The Electronic Energy Meter Work?

    Electronic energy meters are devices that measure energy in kilowatt-hours. One kilowatt hour is the electrical energy required to provide 1,000 watts of power to the fin in one hour.   Accuracy: It consists of automatic calibration technology, so the measurement of power and energy is neither ... Read more

    12-08-2020 Industry News
  • Digital Kwh Meter -How To Calibrate: Single-Phase Energy Meter?

    Compensation torque adjustment: add the rated voltage to the voltage circuit of the electric energy meter, adjust the light load adjustment device, make the turntable out of the anti-potential rejection function, just not rotate forward, tilt the friction torque in the counter and the bearing, the v... Read more

    19-08-2020 Industry News