• Composition Of Mechanical kWh Meter

    Every household in our house needs to use electric meters. As long as electricity is needed, there will be electric meters. At present, there are two widely used electric meters on the market, one is the mechanical kWh meter , and the other is the electronic watt-hour meter. Today we need to underst... Read more

    28-01-2021 Industry News
  • Warning Prompt For Three Phase Electricity Meter

    Learning is endless, and knowledge is consolidated and deepened by the combination of continuous practice and theory. Especially those things we encounter in life, theoretical knowledge coupled with our hands-on operations, will deepen the impression a lot. Then let's take a look at some knowledge p... Read more

    04-02-2021 News
  • A Current Coil Of Kilo Watt-Hour Meter

      In our daily life, the electric meter can be regarded as an essential item, and the kilo watt-hour meter is also a kind of electric meter that someone likes to use. Kilowatt-hour means that one kilowatt of power on the electric meter is equal to one kilowatt of electricity in one hour. Today ... Read more

    18-02-2021 Industry News
  • Basic Understanding Of Single Phase Electromechanical Kwh Meter

    I believe everyone has a certain understanding of single-phase electric meters, but I wonder if you have heard of auxiliary the single phase electromechanical kwh meter ? We all know that most single-phase electric meters are household electric meters and single-phase electromechanical kWh meters ag... Read more

    25-02-2021 Industry News
  • Brief Introduction Of Three Phase Electromechanical Kwh Meter

    In addition to mechanical meters, kWh meters, electronic meters, etc., electric meters can also be divided into three-phase meters, single-phase meters, etc., under three-phase, can also be divided into three-phase four-wire meters, three-phase five-wire meters, etc. So in general, there are many ty... Read more

    04-03-2021 Industry News