Din Rail Meter -About The Installation Of Rail Type Electricity Meter


In our lives, we can often see the existence of rail-ty […]

In our lives, we can often see the existence of rail-type electric meters, also known as rail-type electric energy meters. This is a professional instrument for calculating electric energy. It plays a very important role in many times, and when using electricity It is necessary to use an electric meter. The rail-type electric meter can calculate AC energy, and it can also calculate DC energy. In the case of calculating AC energy, it can also be divided into two types of active energy and reactive energy. The calculation objects are different, and the characteristics of the meter are also different.


When installing a rail-type electric meter, not all places are suitable for installation and use. The first place to be found should be some places that are relatively dry and not subject to vibration. In addition, when installing We must also take into account the daily work of installation and maintenance as well as testing and exceeding the standard. In addition, when it is used, it is installed in the specified product cabinet, perhaps in some meter boxes or some distribution boards.


However, there are some places where it cannot be installed. First of all, it cannot be used in places with flammable and explosive objects, and in some places with corrosive gases and high temperature danger, it does not meet the standards for installing electric meters. Some rail-type meters will be installed in some dark environments, but they cannot be installed in places with too much dust. If they are to be installed, they must also be cleaned. The places where the influence of magnetic force is found can not be installed. Of course, if the installation site is relatively wet, of course it will not work. In fact, the most important thing is to pay attention to installation safety.


If it is installed on the building, it should first be installed according to the standard of one household and one meter, and the relevant energy metering device should be installed. In the corridor of the residential building, the installation of the lighting device should be the installation of the energy meter device It is shared, and the energy metering device above the house should also use the energy meter, but if the energy meter box is used, it needs to be installed outdoors.


In addition, if it is used by high-rise residents in the community, of course, it must be installed according to the use of one household and one meter. The use of power and public power in residential buildings requires the installation of energy meters in the distribution room. At the time of installation, it should be about 1.8-2.2 meters away from the ground to maintain an appropriate height and distance. It is best to use a vertical plate-type switch cabinet when installing, and the height of the cabinet should not be less than seventy centimeters. ,


When designing and installing, electrical equipment is generally not installed on the energy meter, which is not only inconvenient to operate, but also affects the overall safety of use. What special circumstances happen to live? Operate in the open air, and in some public places where there are many people, you should install watch boxes at home, so that it can be used more safely and effectively.


When using a rail-type electric meter, you must choose the correct model, and you must also choose the appropriate structure and adapt to each other, and the selected voltage rating and power supply voltage must also be suitable to each other, so as to ensure safe use, the user himself You should also pay attention to this point. If any special situation occurs, please do not handle it by yourself. You must find a professional.


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