Electronic Energy Meter : Elaboration Of Related Matters Of Smart Electricity Meter


The use of smart meters can be a useful tool for saving […]

The use of smart meters can be a useful tool for saving home energy. The      electronic energy meter    of    Zhejiang Tepsung Electric Meter Co.,Ltd . is a good choice for you. https://www.yhddb.com/product/electronic-kwh-meter/


Basic analog / digital meters
Basic electricity meters (think of rotating disks or bare-bones digital readings) can track energy usage, but must be read manually by a utility company, which will send electricity meter readers for physical viewing or estimates based on past usage. This utility is very expensive and time-consuming, but the real problem is that it provides consumers with insights only at the month level. The lack of granularity means that homeowners hardly know how to reduce energy use (no electricity at all). Finally, there is a better method: "smart meter".


Smart meter
The functions of these meters are similar to the basic analog meters or digital meters, they measure the entire household level of electricity. The main difference is that they can communicate wirelessly with utility providers via radio frequency (RF). This provides several advantages for the utility:


No need to manually read the meter
Provide more accurate bills by improving meter accuracy
Enables utility companies to better predict and balance power load and generation
Dynamic pricing based on electricity demand
In some cases, you can provide smart meter data to the homeowner through the website or application of the utility company, and you can get an insight into the amount of electricity used every day, sometimes even daily or hourly, but sometimes even to a few minutes. This may be helpful when you try to learn more about electricity usage rather than the simple bill provided at the end of the month. However, although they are improvements to traditional meters, even the most advanced smart meters have some limitations:


Not real-time. Even for smart meters that provide minute-level insight, this granularity can only benefit you a lot. You can check the amount of power used a few minutes ago, but you cannot check the usage in real time. The more helpful readings will show the instantaneous total usage readings, so you can turn on the light or hair dryer, and then immediately and accurately check the amount of electricity it uses. You ca n’t manage what you ca n’t measure!


data access. Smart meters belong to your utility company, and the data they generate also belongs to you. Some utilities can provide access, but not without obstacles. Although more and more utilities are starting to provide customers with mobile and web applications to view usage, data is limited by the resolution of the meter and how the meter transfers the data to the application, and the design of the application may not be user-friendly Provide real value.




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