• New technological innovations drive changes in digital energy meters

    Digital energy meter market demand is steadily rising, and chip innovation has driven the improvement of energy meter performance. Faced with the practice of certain provinces and municipalities' power authorities to designate foreign brands, local energy meter chip suppliers have called for a level... Read more

    04-06-2019 Industry News
  • Comparative analysis of domestic and foreign energy meters

    At present, China's watt-hour meter industry occupies a large share in the world market, but domestic watt-hour meters still have a gap with foreign watt-hour meters. With the changes in the watt-hour meter industry pattern, China, as larger watt-hour meter producing country, exports watt-hour meter... Read more

    14-06-2019 Industry News
  • Multifunctional, low-energy digital energy meters become the new favorite

    The current development trend of digital energy meters is mainly reflected in the following aspects: display mode, power consumption of the entire meter, measurement accuracy, multi-function measurement, anti-theft function, and control function. The power industry's requirements for the measurement... Read more

    14-06-2019 Industry News
  • Electricity meters installed on trams to remind drivers to save electricity

    Recently, Wuhan Tram Co. installed electric meters on trams, which made drivers pay more attention to saving electricity when driving, thereby reducing tram operating costs. Prior to this, the Wuhan Tram Company could not count the electricity consumption of various trams, and tram drivers often lac... Read more

    14-06-2019 Industry News
  • Improve the production process to increase the life of the energy meter

    For the production of electric energy meters, China has a long time, due to some historical reasons and other factors. The energy meter manufacturer and power department have not paid enough attention to the life of the energy meter. In order to ensure the accuracy of the metering work, the power de... Read more

    14-06-2019 Industry News