• What Are the Types of Electric Meter Alarm Failures

    When an electronic energy meter has an alarm failure, the smart electric meter will remind the user with a liquid crystal display and an alarm light. When the electric meter is in an alarm state, it needs to be dealt with in time. There are many faults for meter alarms, generally there are the follo... Read more

    28-08-2020 Industry News
  • Reasons For the Increase In Electricity Consumption of Electric Meters

    electronic energy meter use more electricity than before. There may be several factors: With the continuous acceleration of the transformation of urban and rural power grids in recent years, the quality of the power grid has been improved compared to before the transformation. The original low volta... Read more

    01-09-2020 Industry News
  • What are the Advantages of Prepaid Meters

    Traditional electronic energy meter are not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also huge manual investment. Specialized personnel are required for meter reading and charging, which increase the management cost of the property. These are not conducive to the information management of the pr... Read more

    04-09-2020 Industry News
  • Advantages of Multi-user Smart Meter

    The multi-user smart meter is a new type of prepaid electricity meter, which can be used by 39 single-phase or 13 three-phase users at the same time. It uses high-frequency radio frequency cards as the link for data transmission. The M1 card has no contact, anti-attack, The advantages of large capac... Read more

    08-09-2020 Industry News
  • Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions for Prepaid Meters

    The power cannot be sent to the prepaid electricity meter The user’s newly purchased electricity cannot be sent in, possibly because the meter number does not match, that is, the meter number in the electricity purchase card does not match the meter number in the meter. You can use the "check card" ... Read more

    11-09-2020 Industry News