Comparative analysis of domestic and foreign energy meters


At present, China's watt-hour meter industry occupies a […]

At present, China's watt-hour meter industry occupies a large share in the world market, but domestic watt-hour meters still have a gap with foreign watt-hour meters. With the changes in the watt-hour meter industry pattern, China, as larger watt-hour meter producing country, exports watt-hour meters It has been increasing year by year and the export area has been expanding.

1. The problem of material quality and key process technologies cannot be solved. Long-life energy meters need to solve the material quality of key components and control of key processes. Since the level of China's material industry is still far from that of developed countries, how to detect and ensure the requirements of precise adjustment of processes is an issue to be solved.

2. The performance consistency is poor. The level of automated production of inductive watt-hour meters in China is not high, and more of the processing methods are manual. Due to too many manual interventions in the production process, it is difficult to ensure high consistency in product performance, and it also increases the difficulty of production management.

3. Intensification and low concentration of production. The scale of China's electric energy meter manufacturing enterprises is limited, and the production is concentrated at medium to high levels, which makes it difficult to cope with open market competition.

4. Lack of independent core technology. The core chip of China's static watt-hour meters lacks independent development capabilities and lacks innovative technologies with independent intellectual property rights.

My country can participate in market competition both in terms of technology, quality, and production capacity. Although there is still a gap between the domestic energy meter industry and foreign brands, as long as we use new technology as a platform and build high-quality Chinese energy meter brands, we can narrow the gap and participate in the competition of energy meters in the world market.

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