Improve the production process to increase the life of the energy meter


For the production of electric energy meters, China has […]

For the production of electric energy meters, China has a long time, due to some historical reasons and other factors. The energy meter manufacturer and power department have not paid enough attention to the life of the energy meter. In order to ensure the accuracy of the metering work, the power department has made regulations for the regular replacement of the energy meter. With the gradual implementation of one household and one meter for urban and rural residents, electric power companies urgently need electromechanical long-life energy meters as meters for the transformation of the two networks. At present, several domestic large-scale electric energy meter production factories have increased their technical research and development efforts, and the annual output of electromechanical long-life electric energy meters is more than one million units.

Electromechanical energy meters produced in developed countries such as Europe and the United States are basically long-life energy meters, and their non-repair time is generally about 20 years, and Japan has set it to 15 years. With the development of the manufacturing technology of electric energy meters, there have been single-phase electric energy meters running continuously for more than 40 years in foreign countries. This is what we call long-life electric energy meters. In response to the development of the domestic instrument industry and the overall future development trend, the former National Machinery Industry Bureau of China stipulated that the time for non-repair of electromechanical long-life electric meters in China was 20 years.

The key to extending the life of electromechanical energy meters lies in the guarantee of the manufacturing quality and advanced processing technology of each component in the table. The selection of raw materials is the basis for ensuring quality. Graphite ring is a key part in electric energy meter. It should choose the relatively mature similar products of major foreign companies as much as possible. Domestic magnetic bearing factories should strictly produce in accordance with national standards, and electric energy meter manufacturers should also preferentially select magnetic bearings that have been approved by the national quality certification to avoid poor quality magnetic bearings from entering the energy meter market.

The key magnetically permeable material should be selected from the products of major domestic steel companies and manufactured in strict accordance with the process. Ensuring the quality of parts and components and adopting advanced processing technology are the basis for long life of electric energy meters. Electromechanical long-life watt-hour meters have a high degree of integration. Each component has been treated with a special process, which not only overcomes the problem of electronic watt-hour meters due to the easy aging of electronic components, but also overcomes the shortcomings of general electro-mechanical watt-hour meters And can operate normally under various harsh environmental conditions.

The meter is made of special materials, which has the characteristics of small and constant friction torque for a long time without lubrication. Each magnetically conductive element such as electromagnetic components is processed from raw materials and subjected to high-temperature vacuum annealing to remove stress to meet the needs of extended life and stable performance. The electromechanical long-life electric energy meter can also be equipped with a pulse generating device, which is convenient for calibration and remote automatic meter reading, meter reading and the development of the electricity market. The voltage coil is potted with epoxy resin to meet the requirement that the insulation strength does not decrease for long-term use.

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