The Difference Between Single Phase Meter And Dual-Phase Meters


First. Different characteristics 1. Single-phase electr […]

First. Different characteristics

1. Single-phase electric energy meter: guide rail installation, bottom wiring, perfect coordination with miniature circuit breaker. The intuitive and easy-to-read mechanical dao-style display reduces the risk of data loss due to an unexpected power outage. No external power supply is required. Wide operating temperature range.

2. Two-phase electric energy meter: It meets the relevant technical requirements of level 1 or 2 single-phase in DL/T645-1997 and national standard GB/T17215-1998; it has the characteristics of good reliability, small size, and 35mm DIN standard installation; And has good anti-electromagnetic interference, low self-consumption power saving, high precision, high overload, high stability, anti-stealing electricity, and long life.



Second, different applications

1. Single-phase electric energy meter: It is suitable for commercial buildings and public infrastructure buildings to realize the measurement and statistics of electric energy consumption in different areas or different loads in the building. It is suitable for statistics and internal calculation of electric energy consumption of different production lines or various loads of industrial buildings.

2. Two-phase energy meter: suitable for measuring three-phase four-wire AC active energy with rated frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz. For fixed installation indoor use, suitable for the environment, and the air does not contain corrosive gases and to avoid the effects of dust, mold, salt spray, condensation, insects, etc.



Three, different matters needing attention

1. Single-phase electric energy meter: used for active power measurement and measurement: accurate measurement Modular small volume (18mm), installed in various terminal distribution boxes.

2. Two-phase electric energy meter: choose a dry and ventilated place, the bottom plate of the installed electric meter should be placed on a strong fire-resistant, moisture-resistant and vibration-free wall, the installation height of the electric meter is recommended to be about 1.8m, and the electric meter should be installed after installation Do not tilt vertically.



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